Medallions is a dream sequence is composed of motion samples from Kaleida Dreams, Visions and Classics. Originally, these medallion animations were rendered for mobile devices by capturing frame sequences from the original masters and then reducing the frame counts to accentuate the motion. Those frames were re-animated in 3D space here. Mandala Medallions was created between September 2013 and February 2014. The visual intent was to show multiple combinations of timing, motion and depth, in the hopes of offering "a point of entry" for anyone of any vibration. The music, "Loop with No Name" is by Jan Pulsford. Much gratitude goes to Bella for staying by my side and making sure I got this done just before she died.

A Full Motion Preview Is Shown Below.

Format 8 Tile
File size 20.7 mb
Length 31.08 seconds
Frame rate 30.00 FPS
Frame size 1920 x 2160
Usage Digital Signage Up to 3 Screens

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